Commissioning a Painting

To begin the commission process with the artist, the client is asked to select a few existing paintings they like from the portfolio of images on the website. Commissioned paintings can be based on elements from an existing painting or created using various elements from multiple paintings. This selection helps the artist understand the overall feeling the client would like to achieve from the commission.  The commissioned painting is not a collage or illustration of the client's life events, favorite places, etc., but rather a painting comprised of the artist's existing repertoire.

Specific elements from these selections are discussed to further formulate the initial concept. The exact size and price of the painting is also determined at this point.

When both the artist and client agree on the concept and price for the commission, the artist creates a small color sketch of the proposed painting. This sketch is sent to the client for approval.

Once the sketch meets the client's approval, half of the agreed upon price is due to start the painting. Once the painting is complete, the balance is paid and the painting is shipped to the client. A completed painting based on the proposed sketch is property of the client. Once the painting is finished there are no revisions or refunds. All shipping and crating costs are paid by client.

Commissions painted by the artist hang in numerous public and private collections throughout the country. 

For additional information on commissions please contact the artist.

The client was presented with this sketch and signed off on it. 

The client was presented with this sketch and
signed off on it. 

This is the final piece of art. 

This is the final piece of art.